Are you washing your shredded cheese?

Day two without Shaw!

We started you off with news about some ground beef that may contain E.coli, a man who set himself on fire near the Donald Trump trial, and a comedian who had a woman kicked out of his show because she was breastfeeding her child.

Talked about the NBA & NHL playoffs, and a scary scene during the Brewers batting practice yesterday where a pitcher took a line drive off the neck.

Let you know what’s new on New Release Tuesday & talked about the upcoming roast of Tom Brady on Netflix.

Did you see the video of the car on fire on I-94 from last week? Crazy scene, but the guy in the car survived thanks to some incredibly brave good Samaritans.

If you’ve never watched ANY of the Star Wars films or TV shows, you could get a job making $1,000 to watch all nine films in the Skywalker Saga.

Apparently, there’s a new trend that has people washing their shredded cheese. Weird.

Doctors in Australia are asking snake bite victims to NOT bring the snake into the Emergency Room when they come to the hospital.

We got Grant Bilse from the Wisco Sports Show on the phone to talk about all things Wisconsin sports, including the Bucks, the Brewers, the Badgers, and the upcoming NIL vote here in Wisconsin.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had a story about a guy in Colorado who tried to trade drugs for food in the drive-thru at a Burger King, and a #FloridaMan who tried to drink a couple of cold ones before being arrested by police.


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