That’s a stinky banana.

Final day of the nice weather with a bunch of rain expected this weekend.

We started you off with the Thursday Song from our buddy, Adam Palm…and we talked about Joe Gow fighting for his job at UWL.

And if you fly a lot, you’re going to enjoy this news about airlines having to refund money over canceled flights.

Discussed a list of bad habits that can be aging you faster than normal, and we also talked about brushing your teeth with hot water.

Recapped last night’s NBA & NHL playoff action, and Reggie Bush getting his Heisman trophy back!

Funny story about a couple in MN that fell in love when he delivered fried pickles to her house as a GrubHub delivery driver.

Cicadas are coming and they’re apparently so loud that some people in the south are already calling 9-1-1 with noise complaints. And did you know they’re edible???

No thanks.

We also had a story about a high school prom in New Mexico that featured a drag performance.

Nascar driver Erik Jones is going to miss some races after he suffered a broken back last week at Talladega.

Jean ate a REALLY smelly banana this morning in the studio & Brian could not stop talking about it. Plus, the cost of chocolate may be on the rise, someone shot a dolphin, and Trump is coming back to WI next Wednesday.

Yesterday, the WIAA voted to deny a constitutional ammendment that would have allowed high school student-athletes to profit off their NIL.

Did you see this MMA fighter in Russia that kicked a ring-girl in the ass? Needless to say, it didn’t end well for him.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a road rage incident that involved spaghetti, french fries bread in Tokyo, and Crackhead Barney.


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