Holy Crap… The Brewers Are Good

When this season started, most all of us thought it’d be a failure. I was certainly no exception. We lost a lot of key people in the offseason, including our GM and our ace. But we are now past our 7th series in the season, and have only lost one of them. Alright, look. I know it’s still WAY too soon to start talking about being a playoff team. But even the most skeptical fan has to admit this isn’t the start we expected. While the season is still young, I wanted to talk about what is working for the Brewers so far, so we can revisit this and see if my observations hold.

1. They Have a High Powered Offense
The Brewers rank 2nd in batting average and on base percentage, and are tied for 8th in runs scored. Contreras is leading the team in batting with a .354 BA, and Turang is currently in a 3 way tie for 1st in stolen bases with 10. This is a team that’s hitting the ball, and getting the runners moving.

2. The Starting Pitching is Holding Without Burnes
Losing Corbin Burnes was a big hit I didn’t wanna take. But so far, the Crew are hanging on without him. Our pitching staff as a whole is sitting in 9th for team ERA, and they aren’t walking a lot of guys either. Freddy Peralta has really stepped up his game this year, and leads the team with strikeouts with 33 in total to date.

3. They’re Blistering Teams on the Road
The Brewers currently hold a 10-2 record on the road, which is the best in the MLB. We’re not just bagging on losers either. We took 2 out of 3 against the division leading Orioles, and 2 out of 3 against the Reds who sit at 12-9. Not to mention we started the season by sweeping the Mets out of their own house who, despite that, are still sitting at 12-9. While the Cardinals aren’t great this year, it always feels good to sweep them out of St Louis.

Obviously there’s a lot of season left. We’re not even talking about the All Star break yet. But it’s safe to say that the Crew are out-performing our expectations.
Let’s see if they can keep it rolling.

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