The Quad God, a bridge disaster, and the top comedy films.

Final day before Jean’s vacation.

We started things off with the shocking video & tragic news of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore being run into by a shipping container boat & collapsing into the river.

Yesterday afternoon, Shohei held a press conference to address the situation with his former interpreter & the gambling allegations.

We let you know what’s new on New Release Tuesday and we talked about the “Price is Right” having emergency sweatpants in case a contestant peed themselves on the show.

Have you seen the tractor kid asking all the questions at a recent farm show? The internet LOVES this kid. And we love this 106 year-old Veteran from Texas who just recently celebrated a birthday.

Both the Mega-Millions & Powerball jackpots are growing to historic sizes again!

And we discussed this list of the best comedy films of all time. Hard to argue with the films on the list, just where they rank.

Have you heard about the “Quad God“??? He’s REALLY good at figure skating.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a landlord in Pennsylvania that set an apartment on fire because he thought the tenants ruined a washer & dryer, a 15 year-old that robbed a car dealership with underwear covering his face, a couple of sex toy companies are involved in a lawsuit over stolen plans, a guy in Utah who tried to use police lights on his truck to clear traffic, a guy in Australia who got dumped and just couldn’t let it go, an impaired man who ran into an impaired driver sign, a woman who got attacked by a yak, and 4/20 is going to be a stoner eclipse this year!


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