Rosie Perez & a front-loader death match!

Hump Day is here and there’s flurries in the forecast. Thankfully, it’s supposed to be back in the 50’s this weekend.

We started things out with updates on the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse in Baltimore from yesterday, and we also found out that someone in New Jersey won the Mega Millions jackpot last night.

Talked a bit about the NFL’s kickoff rule change that got approved at the owners’ meetings this week, and we had another person who lost something in the trash & had to dig around in the garbage to find it.

The latest update on the Jontay Porter gambling story makes this guy look like a big-time moron if the allegations are true.

Shaw shared a touching story about dog named Fiona that has spent 11 of her 13 years in a shelter, and is now living in Wisconsin, looking for her fur-ever home! Made Brian tear up.

This week’s edition of “You’re killin’ me, Shaws” was an absolute layup as we had not only mentioned the movie earlier in the show, but Rosie Perez in “White Man Can’t Jump” is such a recognizable & iconic character!

Trying to freshen things up a bit with Tyler from upstairs in the studio this morning to talk about gambling on the Sweet 16 this weekend. Good to have a betting connoisseur on-air to talk shop.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a stoner event scheduled to take place on 4/20 that had to cancel, a guy who put the Scream costume on & stabbed his neighbor to death, a guy who tried to blow up his grandmother’s car by putting combustible materials in her gas tank, the new Cadbury mascot is a trash panda this year, a guy in Australia who accidentally left his finace’s wedding dress on the roof of his car & drove off without it, a criminal that ran from cops & bragged about how fast he was driving after they finally caught him, and a front-loader death match!


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