Fusing to a couch & eating a severed leg.

Welcome to Monday.

Started the show talking about yesterday’s snow in the area. Also talked about all the basketball we watched this weekend.

Today is International Waffle Day, and Jean was looking forward to her first visit to a Waffle House later this week when she’s on vacation in Alabama.

Speaking of sports & food, did you see the commercials this weekend during the NCAA tourney for the Masters meal kit?

Jean watched the new “Road House” film on Friday night and reviewed it this morning, and Brian continued to refuse to watch it.

Had a great story about some heroic college kids that helped save a mom & her kids after they plunged off a bridge & into a creek.

As fans of the office prank, we can appreciate this billboard that recently went up in Kentucky.

We got to the “Monday Morning Throwback” today, and even though Shohei & college basketball dominated the sports world this weekend, we still found time to talk about UFC BITE NIGHT!

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy who changed his name to “literally anybody else” so he could run for President, burglaries in Pittsburgh apparently require double authentication before the police will respond, a chunky alligator got moved to a new facility, a man with a prosthetic leg won a lawsuit against Walmart in South Carolina, a guy who was driving in the carpool lane with his imaginary friends, a woman who spent twelve years on a couch & fused with it before her death, and a man found a severed leg by some train tracks and started to eat the leg!


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