Who’d you rather? Luxury goods, taxes, utilities, transport, insurance, or entertainment???

Thursday has arrived, and here comes the snow!

Supposed to start sometime after midnight with several inches expected in our area. We kicked things off with the Thursday Song and talked about the Powerball & Mega Millions jackpots both reaching closer & closer to record levels.

The Dodgers & Padres are opening the MLB season in Seoul, South Korea, but the big news this morning was that Shohei Ohtani’s personal interpreter was apparently stealing a LOT of his money & gambling with it.

We played Maggie’s F’ING song this morning, and she was VERY happy because she’s going to see Ra with Soil, Flaw, & the Union Underground tomorrow night at the Q&Z Expo Center in Wausau. Have fun!

Had a great story about a roofing company that effed up by tearing the roof off the wrong house, but rather than go through the courts with lawsuits & wasted time, they replaced the roof with a brand new one!

Brian went on a rant about the new “Road House” movie that hits Amazon today, and Shaw had another story about a hot air balloon, this time from Rochester, MN!

Talked a lot about gambling this morning with the Powerball & Mega Millions jackpots & the Shohei Ohtani stuff…and apparently, gamblers have threatened Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, J.B. Bickerstaff.

Played a round of “Who’d You Rather?” this morning, and most people who responded to our question said they’d gladly take a 99% lifetime discount on taxes over anything else.

During “The Friggin’ Sports”, we talked about the upcoming Netflix series, “Receivers“, and in today’s “Bad News with Happy Music, we had stories about a guy who was too high to testify in court, a bison herd that got loose by a school, a fisherman who caught a MASSIVE paddlefish, a guy who was posing as a tow truck driver & stealing people’s cars, a weed bust in Weed, Oregon…a teen who got busted with over 200 doses of fentanyl, a mover that stole a couple’s “sex dominoes“, and a recent survey about what age people start swearing.


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