Top Songs of the Week – 3/20/24

The Spring music push is on. Bands keep kicking out new jams that will soon become the anthems of warmer weather, and that means a lot of movement in our playlist. Check out who’s on top this week!

  1. Green Day – Dilemma
  2. Disturbed ft Ann Wilson – Don’t Tell Me
  3. Foo Fighters – The Glass
  4. Pearl Jam – Dark Matter
  5. Linkin Park – Friendly Fire
  6. Atreyu – Gone
  7. Beartooth – I Was Alive

Green Day still holding a strong position in our top spots with their new song, “Dilemma”. They’ll be hitting the road this year celebrating the old and the new. Same can be said about Foo Fighters and their song, “The Glass”. Beartooth gains another top spot this week, in what I believe to be their 3rd consecutive single to do so. They’re becoming a station favorite, and we’ll catch them this year at Rock Fest. Which, by the way, you can get bus trip tickets to their show by clicking here. Check out their song, “I Was Alive” below.

Top Songs of the Week
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