Stop giving my kid too much homework!

Hump Day!

Snow is coming…but how much? That topic is definitely on most people’s minds this week. So was the Genoa power plant destruction that happened earlier this week.

We talked about the first two games in the “First Four” that happened last night, and we had a heart-warming story about two high school sweethearts that reconnected after 73 years apart!

It’s “National Ravioli Day“, so we discussed our favorite types of ravioli and talked about making it from scratch.

Also talked about how having a bunch of unread emails in your inbox could be affecting your mental health negatively. Speaking of negativity, nerds are upset about the redesign of Rogue in the new “X-Men ’97” series on Disney+.

Did you hear about the new traffic lights that are supposed to help the flow of traffic with all the autonomous vehicles on the road?

Shaw aced this week’s edition of “You’re killin’ me, Shaws”, which was from the movie “I Love You, Man“.

Sad news with a silver lining during “The Friggin’ Sports” this morning as Philly QB, Jalen Hurts, is going to pay for the funeral costs for a high school football player from Texas.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a steer on the loose in Omaha, a woman in Boston who set fire to some diapers & pajamas, a couple in Georgia that got drunk & fell asleep on the beach while their kids were left unattended, a couple that had sex outside a Popeye’s Chicken, a manager at a Chipotle that decided to masturbate on a bunch of customers, a woman in Australia that broke into a bakery and only stole baked goods, a guy in Alabama that intentionally rammed a road sign repeatedly, a father that called his son’s school because he was getting too much homework, and a real estate agent that accidentally set fire to a property that she was trying to sell!


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