National Pi Day & drinking pickle juice!

No Shaw, no problem!

He was out today, but we held the fort down without the little guy.

Talked about the possible ban on Tik Tok and the sad news about the popular eagles that are trying to hatch a few eggs.

The Big Ten tourney has begun, and March Madness is right around the corner with Selection Sunday happening this weekend, and we shared the results of a recent survey that looked at how much time people plan on wasting on their brackets!

Had a great story about a dog that got adopted by a woman’s neighbor after she passed away, who then trained the dog to be a therapy animal!

It’s “National Pi Day“, so we ran down a list of deals for Pi day at chain restaurants.

According to some experts, if you’ve got a sore throat, you should drink pickle juice!

Talked a bit about taxes, which are due in about a month…and a wild story during “The Friggin’ Sports” about Aroldis Chapman.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy in a Tigger costume that broke into a vape shop & stole about $500 worth of stuff, an email from QVC about handbags contained some very insensitive language, another #FloridaWoman is getting into some hot water because of her OnlyFans page, and a former dog groomer in #Florida is accused of abusing several animals in her care.


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