Tapeworms from under-cooked Bacon!

HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!! And Ken Day!

Got started by talking about Aaron Rodgers potentially being the Vice President of the United States, and his recent comments about architecture.

Talked about some of the big moves yesterday in the NFL’s free agency, and we laughed about Zoe Kravitz‘ comments about her dad’s shirts when he was receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently.

Had a cool story about some skateboarders in CA that are going around town & cleaning pools and then skating in the freshly clean pool!

Discussed this year’s line-up at Rock Fest, along with the shrinking amount of camp sites. Better get yours before they’re sold out!

According to a new “study”, one out of every five people aged 15-24 cannot tell the difference between a cucumber & a zucchini.

They messed up the Kobe Bryant statue and still unveiled it, and the dude who had to kill & gut a moose while running the Iditarod came from behind to WIN!

Shaw was able to figure out the movie clip this week during “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws” and therefore, Zack from Brownsville didn’t win Brian’s Morning-Show money.

Wild story during the Friggin’ Sports about former UFC fighter, Mark Coleman. Hospitalized after a house fire where he saved both his parents and tried to save the family dog, too.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a runaway kid who got stuck in a Target store overnight, a couple of bandits who stole a bunch of paper towels from a CVS, a woman in South Carolina who was doing naked jumping jacks in her front yard, a dog in England that swallowed a bunch of coins, a recall on some sausage that might contain rubber, a guy who tried to break INTO a prison, and a guy who got a tape-worm in his BRAIN from eating undercooked Bacon.


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