Ever put your wiener in a sheet hole?

MASSIVE show today as we announced Act 1 in the Altra Rocks! Summer Concert Series at Copeland Park & Events Center.

Seether, Skillet, Fuel, 10 Years, and Keith Wallen on Saturday, May 4th!

We definitely talked about the incredible weather we’ve been experiencing recently, got an update on the shooting at the KC Chiefs Super Bowl parade, and talked about how many hours we spend in the kitchen every year.

Had a wonderful story about a cop that saved a child’s life after a motorcycle traveling 100mph crashed into the vehicle the child was riding in.

We discussed our upcoming Opening Day bus trip to Am-Fam Field to see the Brewers & Twins on Tuesday, April 2nd, and Shaw was able to figure out this week’s movie clip during “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws”, so Zach didn’t win Brian’s Morning-Show money!

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a candlelight vigil for a Hooters in West Virginia, high school kids who need permission slips to watch Disney movies in school, a guy who modified a toy car so that it can go 92mph, some criminals who stole over $600 worth of ice cream, the world’s LARGEST snake has been found, a lawsuit concerning dating apps being addictive, a security company that had a major glitch, a clumsy bar dog in Scotland, and a guy in Canada who was catfishing dudes with a hole in a sheet.


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