What the hell is a “house manager”?

Started the morning talking about how nice the weather is & how warm it’s going to get next week, which got Brian excited about starting on his yard projects for the spring.

We had an update on the shooting in Burnsville, the new maps in WI, and talked about the MN Wild score from last night’s game.

Had some good news for people who struggle with food allergies, and there’s a new conspiracy theory out there about the Walgreens fridges.

A couple of great stories from the world of baseball: one about a guy who made it back to the game after having his leg amputated a few years ago, and another guy who got hit EIGHT times during a double-header!

We talked about how much the average American thinks they’d earn if they got paid for all the chores they do every day, which led Shaw to tell us about a friend who’s daughter is a “house manager“.

During the “Friggin’ Sports”, we talked about the Australian jockey who almost missed the Olympics because he wore a Borat “mankini” during a costume contest.

And during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music” segment, we had stories about a severed leg that was found in a NY subway, a Serbian plane that hit a bunch of landing lights, a cop in Georgia that was arresting people for DUI who weren’t drunk, the World’s tallest man met the World’s shortest woman, a girl in a car wash who got a drink thrown at her, a doctor who ordered radiation on the wrong breast, a guy who flashed a gun at the grocery clerk in the 10 items or less lane, and a guy in a kilt that was going around an antique store & sticking random items up his ass &then putting them back on the shelves.


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