The Ryan Rodeo & a rocket launcher!

Welcome to Thursday!

We started things off with the Thursday Song and we ran down a list of words that mean “drunk” in the English language.

Got some three-ways with Shaw and asked “Would you rather get paid daily“?

Had an inspiring story about a guy who is walking barefoot across the country to raise money & awareness for men’s mental health. And we told you about the Cadbury Bunny contest!

Today is National Margarita Day, and Shaw once again shared his recipe for the best margs out there.

Last year, we found out about the Gathering of the Kyles, and today we discovered the Ryan Rodeo happening in Austin, TX this Saturday!

Talked a bit about Rock Fest, and we reminisced about the Franklin Mint & the Precious Moments figurines that might be worth some money now!

During the Friggin’ Sports, we discussed the MLB’s new uniforms being somewhat transparent, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy¬† Music”, we had stories about the most expensive property in America, voters think that both Biden & Trump are too old to be President, an update on that severed leg that was found in the NYC subway, the Amazon driver in WI that was hit by a train while driving his delivery van, a woman who recently celebrated her 107th birthday, an outbreak of bed bugs in Vegas, Red Lobster making changes to it’s “All-You-Can-Eat” shrimp promotion, a trio of German Shepherds who jumped into a stranger’s car and refused to get out, and a guy who got caught with some drugs AND a rocket launcher!!!


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