Top Songs of the Week

From now on, I’ll keep you guys posted each week on the top songs spinning out of this studio. There’s a lot of great tunes coming out lately, and some have had some real lasting power. So let’s keep track of who holds the top spots, in no particular order.

  • Foo Fighters – Rescued
  • Metallica – 72 Seasons
  • Jelly Roll – Need a Favor
  • Staind – Lowest in Me
  • I Prevail – Deep End
  • Mammoth WVH – Another Celebration at the End of the World
  • From Ashes to New – Hate Me Too

Nice to see Foo Fighters in a top spot again after over a year of being absent from the new music scene, though they definitely have a good excuse for said absence. Metallica’s “72 Seasons” has been holding strong for a few months now, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s also nice to see Staind back in action after several years of the band members doing their own thing.

Top Songs of the Week
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