Someone Made the Batmobile in Legend of Zelda

The new Legend of Zelda game is a serious contender for the best Legend of Zelda ever made. I really want to say that it is, but I want enough time to pass for my bias of the moment to settle. Whether or not it’s actually the best, it definitely fits in the top 5.
One of the best mechanics of the game is the ability to build stuff. A lot of the fun with this game has come from watching videos of the insane things people have put together, from the extremely useful, to the extremely ridiculous. What I’m about to show you falls somewhere in between.

Someone created the “tumbler” version of the Batmobile, and if you want to make your own, they were also kind enough to include a how-to video so you can make your own.
Be there hero Hyrule deserves.

Cover Photo Credit: Business Wire

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