Money in the Bank Power Rankings (Women’s)

WWE’s Money in the Bank PLE is coming up a week from Saturday on July 1st. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, and the card is looking pretty stacked as always. A week ago, I gave my power rankings for the men’s ladder match, so now it’s time for the ladies.
Here’s where each competitor stands as I see it.

6. Zoey Stark
5. Zelina Vega
4. Bayley
3. Iyo Sky
2. Trish Stratus
1. Becky Lynch

Fan favorite here is definitely Becky. But it’s very obvious that Trish and Zoey Stark will have something up their sleeve to try to spoil that. It’s also possible to see some faction in-fighting between Bayley and Iyo Sky. A split between that group has been teased for a while, and I can see Iyo getting the upper hand here.

How will it all play out? We’ll have to watch on July 1st to find out.

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