The one with 4/20

After a week of temps in the 80’s and a lot of riding the Harley, we woke up to a foot of snow and temps back in the 40’s & 50’s.


Such is April in Wisconsin.

We started the week with the Monday Morning Throwback, and whether or not AI will be the end of humanity.

Our Monday edition of Bad News with Happy Music had an escaped emu, the brawls in Chicago, a woman in a cave, an alligator that bit a #FloridaMan’s leg off, a gun in a quesadilla, a guy who threw money all over the highway, and another bone-head who fell for

On Tuesday, we gave you a tip to help live TEN years longer, and had a couple of really uplifting stories: a bald eagle who finally got his baby, and a kid who came back to life after TWO hours of CPR

On the Tuesday edition of Bad News with Happy Music, we had a huntsman spider in a guy’s underwear, a pizza guy who assisted police, a kid stuck in a claw game, a teen who drove his car onto someone’s roof, a homemade guillotine, and a woman who REALLY didn’t want to go to work at BWWs

Got you over the hump with some info about the Facebook privacy lawsuit that could score you some money. And Shaw whiffed on this week’s edition of “You’re killin’ me, Shaws”

On the Wednesday edition of Bad News with Happy Music, we had a satellite that could fall to Earth & kill you, a man who misused some money to buy a wildebeest & a bunch of other crazy stuff, a bear that drank a bunch of soda, an 11-year old who got stabbed at a Dollar Tree by a grown man, a guy who baptized himself in the church fountain, a hearse that almost went over a cliff, and porn on a train.

We talked about some marijuana stats on 4/20, and asked the hypothetical question, “Who’d you save from a sinking boat? 100 dogs? Or one human?”

Plus, a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!


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