The one with Brian’s sinus issues

Ugh….so close to that warmer weather. Can almost taste it.

Unfortunately, Brian was dealing with a pretty serious sinus issue this week & even though he got a prescription, he was still thinking of trying a Neti pot or a Navage(he didn’t. yet)

We started the week with a new “Monday Morning Throwback“, and talked about an artist who designed a VR “death” experience. Plus, the phenomenon of “pregnancy nose” is apparently a REAL thing

There was a groom who recently had some very interesting and sexual vows for his bride to be, and a great story about a used car dealer in Racine that helped a woman get a new car after she was mistreated at another used car dealership.

We found out that it’s a good time to be a short, bald man who’s also in the dating scene, and we discussed some of the new ballpark foods in 2023 around MLB.

Plus, a Viagra substitute that you snort, and a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!

Morning Sickness Podcast

Brian Simpson

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