The one with March Madness & St. Paddy’s Day

Another crazy week in the books! March Madness…crazy weather…the .01k!


We started you off with the Monday Morning Throwback, and found out that we’re apparently getting dumber! Go figure.

Our Monday edition of “Bad News with Happy Music” had a story about a hand being found in a cemetery in NY, a guy practicing his karate skills on a girl’s snowman, a woman trying to bring American weed to Jamaica, and Gary the Goat!

Actually had a few interesting animal stories this week, including one about zebra in Ohio that almost bit a guy’s arm off, and some baboons that attacked some hikers with boulders. NUTS!

A woman went viral after ditching her date because he didn’t want to spend an extra $3 for cheese on HIS burger during their date. And we talked about some of the odds during March Madness.

Our Tuesday edition of “Bad News with Happy Music” had a story about a guy who missed out on some serious cash because he couldn’t wait to eat his Cadbury Egg, and a guy who’s suing Buffalo Wild Wings over boneless wings.

Plus, someone took a page out of the “Matt Foley” playbook by rolling some doobies in a van(until it caught fire!). We also talked about a new movie that takes place in a porta potty after a guy gets stuck inside.

A very interesting obituary made it’s way into the news this week, and a woman assaulted her MUCH older boyfriend with an avocado. No word on if it was from Mexico.

We debated using a “thumbs-down” vs. a “middle finger” while driving, and hooked you up with a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend.

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