Men’s Royal Rumble Winner Predictions – Bags’ Top 10

The Royal Rumble, my favorite WWE event, is tomorrow!
Yesterday, I did a Top 10 for the women’s contestants, and I think I put together a pretty solid list. To see what I thought about the ladies, click here.
Now it’s time for the fellas, so let’s get to it.

10. Kevin Owens
9. Jey Uso
8. Solo Sikoa
7. Brock Lesnar
6. Bray Wyatt
5. Bobby Lashley
4. Drew McIntyre
3. Sami Zayn
2. Seth “Freakin” Rollins
1. Cody Rhodes

Predicting the Rumble is always tough, but this year is tougher due to numerous, somewhat credible rumors of some surprise entrants. Stone Cold and The Rock are heavily speculated to make an appearance, with some people thinking one of them could win it all. While that very well could happen, I opted to leave them off of the list and make it strictly about people that are on the roster. I did the same for the women, so it makes sense to do it here as well, regardless how credible the rumors are.

Cody Rhodes is the odds on favorite. I actually called this from the moment he went into surgery for his pectoral muscle. The timing was right that he’d return for the Rumble, and he’s definitely going to get the Championship at some point. This makes for the perfect way to execute it.
Seth Rollins has had a TON of hype over the past few months and has been the most “over” superstar in the WWE, even during his time as a heel.
Sami Zayn is a real contender here too. It definitely goes along with what’s going on within the Bloodline these days. For this same reason, I included Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa on this list.
Kevin Owens makes the list as well, despite having a title match with Roman Reigns already this very same evening. It’s not uncommon that a superstar loses a title shot at the Rumble, only to come back during the Royal Rumble match and compete again. It’s not likely, but entirely possible.

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