Women’s Royal Rumble Winner – Bags’ Top 10

My favorite special event on WWE’s yearly calendar is this weekend. The Royal Rumble happens on Saturday night, and I’ve been ready for months. Tomorrow I’ll get my predictions in for the men, but today is all about the ladies.
Here are my top 10 picks for the winner of the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble.

10. Zelina Vega
9. Liv Morgan
8. Shayna Baszler
7. Bayley
6. Alexa Bliss
5. Asuka
4. Becky Lynch
3. Ronda Rousey
2. Raquel Rodriguez
1. Rhea Ripley

The Judgement Day has really been picking up steam as a stable lately, and I really think this is Rhea’s time to shine. Although Raquel Rodriguez is a very close 2nd pick for me. Ronda is always a top contender, however, she doesn’t need a Rumble win to get a rematch with Charlotte Flair. That seems automatic at this point, but that doesn’t mean they won’t use the Rumble to set it up whether it’s needed or not.
Obviously, there will be surprise entrants, as there always is. But I can’t put stock in people whom none of us can even be sure will be there. That’s what I love about the Royal Rumble. Literally anything can happen, and the sky is the limit.
Tomorrow we’ll predict the men’s Rumble.

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