The one with the KC Potato Girl

Odd week, but we made it through. Shaw took off for Vegas on Tuesday and didn’t hit it big on the Pai Gow table. An “Ask Women” section of Reddit posed the following question: “Where’s the weirdest place a guy has ever taken you on a date“. We reviewed some of the more cringey answers and asked Jean about her dating experiences.

Did you know that because of our obsession with all the crazy documentaries on Ted Bundy and Kai, people are putting together “If I go missing” books with samples of their DNA, fingerprints, and a ton of other personal information?

We discussed our biggest pet peeves while driving, and Brian got some tent-pants over the rumor that Tom Brady might return to the New England Patriots. On Wednesday, we found out that Hormel has teamed up with a brewery in Minnesota to make a Hormel Chili Cheese beer

No Shaw on Wednesday meant that Jean filled in for “You’re killin’ me, Jeans” and completely whiffed. Later in the week, a new study revealed how much you save by shopping without your kids, and some doctors shared which nutritional myths they’re growing tired of.

We had a great story about an UberEats delivery driver that interrupted a college basketball game with his McDonald’s order(turns out it was all just a prank), and some conspiracy theorists have cooked up a whopper about Damar Hamlin.

A woman in the UK recently turned 100 years old and unveiled her secret to a long life, and we hooked you up with a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend.

Plus, what would you do with an extra four hours per day?

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