Cinema Sins – Find Out Everything Wrong With Your Favorite Movies

Do you love movies? Me too. I mean, who doesn’t? They give us an escape from reality. And in today’s world, it’s good to escape reality as much as possible. It sucks out there.
But sometimes as we sit in aw at our favorite movies, our rose tinted glasses keep us from seeing some pretty obvious flaws in them.

This is where Cinema Sins comes in.

It’s a YouTube page built specifically for finding the flaws in all of our favorite movies. Plot holes, continuity errors, bloopers left in by mistake. Any meticulous detail that shouldn’t be there is highlighted for all to see.
But don’t take it too seriously. They’re just having fun with it. They love movies as much as we do. It’s just fun to joke about some of the things we may have missed along the way. They also do TV shows and music videos as well.

Think your favorite movie is flawless? Think again.
Check out how they bag on a favorite of mine, the OG Jurassic Park.

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