Jean is trying to gamble on the Kentucky Derby!

And just like that, the week is over!

Started the morning with news about the city buying a bunch of diesel buses, and we recapped the NHL & NBA playoff action last night, including the odd exchange between Patrick Beverly & a Pacer fan.

Also looked at a drinking game for the Roast of Tom Brady this Sunday on Netflix.

Let you know what’s on TV & in theaters this weekend, and Jean is going to attempt to bet on the Kentucky Derby for the first time ever.

Speaking of the Kentucky Derby, Brian wants to bring the “Running of the Porta-Potties” to Oktoberfest!

Have you seen the video of the giraffe chiro? People on the internet are loving it. And remember earlier this week when we talked about the swarm of bees that delayed the Diamondbacks/Dodgers game? The bee guy is now getting his own Topps trading card!

Today is “National Paranormal Day” and we talked about the paranormal stuff that we do & do not believe in.

Had an update on the new waterslide being constructed in the Dells, and we talked racing with Doc.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a surge in unemployment, an increase in IRS audits, a guy who got arrested for stealing diapers from a dollar store, a county in TN that has a horrible record for EMS response time, an Iowa man who got arrested for road rage, an interesting side effect of Ozempic, a nudist cruise is set to launch, a cop that was assaulted by a cheeseburger, a guy who was stabbing himself, and another Iowa man who turned himself in to the police…but forgot to take the drugs out of his car.


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