Do You Partake in This Easter Tradition?

Last year, I decided for the first time that I was going to partake in a lifelong family tradition of making a lamb cake for Easter. It’s something we’ve done for as long as I remember. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where my whole family makes their own and makes a contest out of who can make the best looking lamb cake.
After the passing of my grandmother, I thought I would honor her memory by partaking in the tradition with my family. I wanted to make my own damn lamb cake just to prove I could do it. But when I turned to Facebook for tips, I quickly learned that my family is fairly a unique thing.

“Bags, what the hell is a lamb cake?” is a response I got quite a lot that day.

I legitimately thought every family did this. To be fair, Easter is more of a household family holiday, so it’s not like you travel around to other people’s Easters that frequently.
I can tell you that I was raised Catholic, and come from a very heavy Bohemian ancestry. I don’t know if we did it because we were Catholic, because we’re Bohemian, or both, or something else entirely. Maybe my family is just weird. That’s also a solid possibility.

Anywho, here’s my product from last year. Not my best work. I’m a fantastic cook, but baking is definitely not my thing, as evidenced by this nightmare fuel of a lamb cake.

I wanted strawberry frosting. Leave me alone….

I’ll do better this year, as I’m one year older and wiser.
Wish me luck.

Does your family partake in this Easter tradition, or is my family just weird?

Lamb Cake Cover
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