My Son’s 3rd Leg… (Insert Facepalm)

Oh the joy’s of having boys. They certainly never leave you with any dull moments. The older they get, and the better their vocabulary becomes, the more funny situations get. Or more awkward. Or both.

I’ll start the story like this.
I received a text message from my wife that said this…

Now fellas, when you see this text, you’re about to have a conversation about wieners.

What had apparently happened was, my wife had taken my boy in to the doctor to get a vaccine. For kids, doctors commonly like to inject the vaccine into their leg, which is what this doctor had opted to do.
That’s where my son piped up and exclaimed, “Put it in my 3rd leg!” And yes… he meant THAT 3rd leg.

I have so many questions.
Like, what would even compel him to say that? Why would he even entertain the thought of getting a shot there? When did he put 2 and 2 together on calling that his 3rd leg? And more importantly, what does my wife expect me to say to him about this?

Either way, a conversation with my son is coming, and I’m not quite sure I can get through it without laughing my 3rd leg off.

Wish me luck.

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