I Switched to Natural Soap, and This is What Happened

I’m always down to try something new. And this time, I’m glad I did. I recently switched to using more natural soaps, and it’s been a very welcome new treat in my life. It’s been a switch I think will be permanent, and here’s why.

You’ve probably heard the commercials talk about how you’ll feel great. I’m gonna be straight forward with you. You will feel pretty good, noticeably better than most regular soaps. But it’s not some monumental change. You’ll feel nice, and that’s, well…. nice.

But my biggest draw to it is that there does seem to be something about it that is better for your skin. Perhaps less irritants. Without trying to be too gross, I’ve had some problems with jock itch in my day. It used to be much, much worse when I worked in kitchens. Being wet and oily all day tends to do a number on your skin. But while it was to a less extent, my jock itch problem has persisted. But since switching to a natural soap, that problem seems to be gone for good. It’s been objectively nicer on my skin, and that’s the biggest reason I’d advocate you to make the same change I did.

But for all the pros, there is one rather glaring con. The price.

It’s very noticeably more expensive than most other soaps on the market. I believe I paid $18 for 3 bars of soap, which is pretty pricey considering one bar lasts less than a month versus paying $4 for a bottle of regular body wash that’ll last over a month. But for me, I find it worth it. If you’re someone who has skin issues or sensitivities of any type. I would highly consider this as an option.
But if you’re just looking to smell good and feel better, perhaps there are cheaper options out there for that.

I went with Dr Squatch. I didn’t want to at first, because their advertising campaign seems a bit pretentious for my taste. But they had some pretty good deals on bundles, and come on, I HAD to try the Star Wars soaps.
They’re a pretty solid company, and their soaps smell good and make my skin feel smoother and clearer. Check em out here.

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