Who’d you rather? Full meals or constant snacking?

I don’t know about you, but I like to snack.

Chips, crackers, dips, etc. I’d rather take a bite of this, and a bite of that….rather than sit down for a giant meal.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a nice dinner, but given the choice, I’d prefer indulging on appetizers over stuffing myself in one sitting.

We even opted for an appetizer station wedding reception when we got married versus a sit-down/plated dinner or buffet style dinner. It was fantastic.

And according to a recent survey, I’m not alone. 69% of Americans prefer snacking throughout the day instead of eating “three square meals” a day. But 2/3rds of those people feel guilty about it.

Not me.

A piece of cheese. A few chips. A brownie. A couple of Cheetos. Maybe a spoonful of cottage cheese.

Then I’m good for for another hour or two before venturing into the kitchen again for some snacks.

What about you? Full meals or constant snacking?

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