What’s in Bags’ PS4 – Fallout 4

Bethesda’s gem of a game known as Fallout 4 found it’s way back onto my Playstation for like, the umpteen millionth time recently, and I’m oh so glad to have it back again. Bethesda makes some fantastic sandbox world’s to roam around in, and the Commonwealth of Fallout 4 is certainly one of their best.

The shattered remains of Boston

Post-apocalyptic Boston makes for a haunting, rusty, yet strangely beautiful setting for this installment of the Fallout franchise. This game is incredibly designed and well thought out. You start out feeling pretty vulnerable, but after leveling up the right stats, there are some pretty fun perks to help you even the odds against the unforgiving wasteland.

A Deathclaw is a formidable foe.

There’s danger at every turn, and a massive story to unfold. Not just the main story, but the countless faction quests and stories, random encounters, and lore strewed out for you to discover and read. You learn something new with each play-through, and you will play through it a lot. I can’t even count how many different times I’ve went through this masterpiece, but I can tell you it’s more than 20.

New to the franchise, build your own settlement.

Customization is king in Fallout 4. You can customize your character, your weapons, and even the places you live. Few things are more fun than building your own settlement. A little piece of the wasteland where you can call home. You’re limited only by your imagination.

The great thing about the Fallout franchise is, while it is a series, you don’t need to play previous games to understand the story. Each game plays as it’s own separate story, within a larger universe. So if you’ve never played it before, I highly recommend it.

5 Stars

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