The best of the Morning Sickness – The one with our favorite dips

This week was filled with dip discussions & poop stories.

We started off on Monday with the Monday Morning Throwback & Brian’s recap of his trip to Iowa for the Dropkick Murphys & Mighty Mighty Bosstones show.

We also found out that most Americans don’t think they can randomly do ten push-ups! How sad!

On a brighter note, we talked to Brian Sime from Holmen about the 5th Annual “Kevin’s Legacy Color Run for Kindness 5k

Speaking of poop, there was a list of 10 cereals that will help you “make” in the morning….and there was a story during “Bad News with Happy Music” about a guy who had his pee & poo reversed. You gotta hear it!

We discussed our favorite dips, and Shaw completely whiffed on “You’re killin’ me, Shaws” this week. We talked about the unusual things we do in the bathroom, and we gave you a list of three things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!

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  1. Jim on September 27, 2021 at 8:09 am

    Listening to my most favorite station while in New Hampshire. Thanks Brian, Jean, And Shaw

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