America’s favorite dips.

Gotta be honest, I saw this list about America’s favorite dips and I almost didn’t wanna talk about it.

Mostly because I don’t consider salsa a “dip”

It’s sorta like the whole “is a hotdog a sandwich” debate.(it’s not)

I guess I put salsa in it’s own category. Sure, you dip chips into it, but I feel like salsa is in a category all it’s own, rather than being lumped in with French onion dip, bean dip, et al.

According to a quick Google search:

By that definition, salsa could be considered a “dip”. Chef Alton Brown has said that a dip is based on it’s ability to “maintain contact with it’s transport mechanism over three feet of white carpet”.

So, for the sake of this list, I’ll allow salsa to be in the conversation, but I certainly wouldn’t put it on top of my list of favorite dips. But, according to a recent survey by Farm Rich, “salsa” is America’s favorite dip, followed by guacamole, queso, spinach artichoke, French onion, & hummus. Up next is Buffalo chicken dip, followed by seven-layer dip, then bean dip, pizza dip, and pimento cheese dip(blech!)

Now, if I’m going to make a list of my favorite dips, I’m putting French onion on the top. It’s definitely my go-to dip when I’m buying a bag of regular potato chips.

Number two on my list might surprise some people because I normally don’t like spicy foods, but a good Buffalo/bleu cheese chicken dip is my second favorite. The heat of the Buffalo chicken with the creaminess of the bleu cheese, coupled with the warmth of the dip and that layer of grease that floats on top is wonderful.

Next on my list is a hot reuben dip. A well-made reuben is one of my all-time favorite sammiches, so it’s not surprising that this would be near the top of my list.

Another dip in my top five is the Velvet Elvis dip from Buzzard Billy’s/Starlite Lounge. It’s a classic cheese dip with sausage, diced tomatoes & green chili peppers. Just the right amount of heat for this guy! It’s relatively easy to make a version of this dip at home.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of dips out there. Whether you buy them at the store, or make them at home….you have nearly limitless options when it comes to a delicious dip.

What are some of your favs?

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