The worst things a houseguest can do.

We’ve had many houseguests over the years.

Friends will crash when they visit, bands will stay with us rather than waste money on a hotel.

Usually, we have very good luck with our houseguests. And thankfully, it’s normally only for a night or two.

The only real issue we’ve had is stealing/theft. Years ago, at our annual Backyard BBQ, somebody took about 25 oxycodone pills that I had in the medicine cabinet of our bathroom. It was a prescription from when I had a root canal/crown, and I only took a couple of them before the pain subsided and I no longer needed them.

But, the remaining pills sat in the cabinet until that night, when someone took the actual pills, and not the pill bottle. They actually left me one pill.

Gee, thanks, fucker.

Needless to say, we never thought about having to hide our stuff when we had people over until that year. Sadly, my wife also had some other things stolen at some point, and we never realized it until we moved out of our first house and discovered that stuff was missing.

So, in my opinion, the worst thing a houseguest can do is to steal your shit. Sure, there’s plenty of other crap that’s annoying, but stealing is a big no-no.

A recent survey asked people about the worst things a houseguest can do, and the top ten are rather mundane:

  • Wiping greasy hands on your sofa/chair.
  • Putting their feet on the couch with shoes.
  • Going upstairs or into your bedroom without asking.
  • Showing up with a dog without asking first.
  • Going through the medicine cabinet.
  • Walking in the front door without knocking.
  • Openly passing gas in the house. About 1 out of every 4 people also said that if you’re only there for a few hours, you shouldn’t use the bathroom for anything more than a squirt.
  • Changing channels on the TV without asking.
  • Not taking the hing that it’s time to leave.
  • Showing up & then asking to spend the night.

A few more that made the list are: not using coasters….leaving the toilet seat up….and asking for the wifi password.

If you’re going to be a houseguest somewhere, try to contribute something. Even if it’s just a voicemail message.

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