Summer Party Tip – Affordable travel destinations in the US.

If you’re looking to travel this summer and are looking to save a buck or two, WalletHub has crunched the numbers and put together a list of the most “budget-friendly” destinations in the US.

They took a look at 100 of the largest metro areas in the country and assessed 42 “key indicators” including things like:

  • the price of flights
  • the local cost of living
  • the number of attractions in the area
  • the weather
  • the overall safety of the area
  • and the number of beer gardens per capita(F YEAH!)

Numero Uno on their list is Orlando, FL. Followed by Honolulu and then New Orleans.

There’s actually TWO cities in Oklahoma in the top ten.

I know, right?

Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City, OK make the top ten. So, if you’re looking to check a few of these cities off your list, head to Oklahoma!

Source: WalletHub

St. Louis & Chicago are the closest Midwestern cities if you’re looking for something a bit closer to La Crosse, ranking 23rd & 25th, respectively. Minneapolis/St. Paul makes an appearance on the list at number 40, and Madison finally popping up at number 49.

Now, on the flip-side of the coin, the WORST city to visit according to WalletHub’s info is Lansing, Michigan. Ventura County, California just north of L.A. was the second-worst. Followed by Fort Myers, FL, Portland, ME, and Allentown, PA.

For the full breakdown of this list, click here.

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