Pints With Puck: Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat

It’s actually been a while since I bought Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat. That’s an oversight that ended last night. I’ve always loved 312, I still love 312, and I will be drinking quite a bit more 312 this summer. It’s like when you see something shiny and get distracted.

I guess you could say that I’ve been distracted lately with trying new beers, and kind of forgot one of my old favorites. That ends now, because I know remember why I love this beer in the first place.

Goose Island 312 is probably the perfect every-man-beer. It has something for every beer drinker to enjoy, which might be why it’s so popular, and why it made Goose Island so extremely successful. Just Listen:

Goose Island Beer Company : 312 Urban Wheat Ale

The Metallica Factor

This might be a bit of a stretch, but bear with me. There are old Metallica fans (pre 1988) “new” Metallica fans (1988-present) and then, the Metallica fans that like all of it. The same could be said about Goose Island.

They have their old-school-craft-brew fans that loved them when they were a small brewery, but spurned them when they got national distribution. Then, they have their hometown Chicago fans that just love their beer no matter what. Next, is everybody else. They may or may not know (or care) about the backstory of the brewery, or they just don’t care… they just know it’s just damn good beer.

Kind of a tangent, I know… but the point is; dislike of a band, or a brand, because of their popularity or success, is to me at least, well… silly. OK, let’s be clear. It’s really stupid. If you like something, and it makes you happy? Like it. Love it. Wear it. Eat it. Drink it. CONSUME it. Who gives a rats if someone else wants to turn up their nose at popularity?

What I know is this: Goose Island makes excellent beer. And Goose Island 312 is delicious.

Also, if you are ever in Chicago. TAKE THE TOUR. The Goose Island Brewery Tour was Fab… and they gave us quite a few samples before we called a cab that never arrived. We walked. It was a long walk, and an even a longer story. I’ll tell you about that one some other time. Maybe. And besides, now there’s Uber, so you’ll be fine.

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Goose Island 312
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