The best-paying jobs that make people happy.

Working in radio is just that.


Sure, it’s not digging ditches, but it’s still a job.

Is it the worst job I’ve ever had? Certainly not.

Is it the best job I’ve ever had? Depends on the day.

Is it the best paying job I’ve ever had? Most definitely.

But I like working in radio for many reasons, and the pay isn’t on top of the list. Of course I’d like to make more money, but it’s not the only or predominant factor in what makes me happy about working in the industry.

I like that I don’t have to wear a suit or uniform or pants. I can rock a pair of shorts & a t-shirt every day of the year & that’s happiness you just can’t buy. Of course, I like the music, the relationships with our listeners, my coworkers and the bands/musicians/techs that we’ve formed over the years.

But in the end, it’s still a job. I still have bosses. I still have shit I gotta do that I don’t really want to do.

If you’re miserable where you work and you’re looking for a way out, maybe it’s time to say “take this job & shove it”! recently posted a list of the five jobs that pay well, offer a great work-life balance, and rank high in employee satisfaction:

  1. Human resource managers. They’re in HIGH demand in almost every industry, and depending on where you live, you could make a sweet wage. The average salary in the US is $115,000.
  2. Engineers. According to a few studies, engineers are among the HAPPIEST people in the world. Maybe because the average salary is around $90k/year!
  3. Physical therapists. Another job that’s in HIGH demand and they can make around $90,000 a year. Not to mention that doing something that helps other people heal is probably pretty rewarding.
  4. Construction managers. They rank HIGH in overall happiness, probably from all that Vitamin D from being outside. Plus, an average salary of $95,000 is pretty nice.
  5. Finance managers. Sure, it’s probably a stressful job, but they still report high levels of positivity. And they have an average salary of $130,000 a year. SIGN ME UP!

Obviously, these are jobs that take years of experience and working your way up the ladder. But if you’re looking for good pay & happiness in an entry-level position, try being a teaching assistant, a marketing specialist, an athletic trainer, or a nurse!

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