Pints with Puck: Elysian Full Contact Imperial Hazy IPA

First of all, this… is a BIG beer. Not in size, mind you, but in flavor, and ABV. For those of you playing the Pints with Puck home game, that’s Alcohol By Volume. Full Contact Imperial Hazy IPA cranks that up to 8.8%. Like I said, that’s BIG.

But let’s talk about the BIG flavor, shall we? First, it’s an IPA so there is definitely a lot of hop flavor. Second, it has a delightfully hazy taste, but it’s not overly hazy in appearance. Third, well… just listen to the review: Decker joined me for a pint. I drank mine from a wine glass, cuz we fancy. Actually, I couldn’t find another (clean) pint glass

Elysian Full Contact Imperial Hazy IPA

I love a good hazy IPA, and this definitely hits the mark, but again… remember the ABV. One of these might be enough, two of these tops. If you have a third, I would advise you cancel all of your plans for the rest of the night, and possibly for tomorrow (morning at least)

Elysian is a dynamite brewery. They are on my short list of breweries that fall into the “I’ve never had a bad beer from them” category. And I’m going to give you a weird recommendation, that I got from one of their brewers.

The Experiment:

Buy a six pack of Elysian Space Dust, and a six-pack of their Day Glo IPA. MIX THEM THEM 50/50 into 2 pint glasses and enjoy with your favorite person. They will thank you for it. AND you will thank me for telling you to do it.

It may go against everything that you’ve ever known about beer, but trust me. It’s a delicious bomb of about a dozen different kinds of hops, and it glorious.

Well, that’s it for today. I just cracked open my third can of Full Contact

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