I love passive/aggressive retaliation.

Some of the best things we’ve ever done on the Morning Sickness are born out of spite.

Someone wronged us in some way/shape/form…and we used that as a springboard to creativity.

Like “Stealing from a Salesperson’s Desk”. That came about because of “Dirty Movie Monday”.

Remember that? When we used to give away porn DVDs on Monday mornings?

Back then, we had a sales guy who came to my office to talk to me, saw some of the DVDs on my desk, and asked if he could have one.

I told him that I couldn’t spare any because they were for on-air giveaways, and he didn’t take it too well.

At some point, after I left work, he must have come down to my office and helped himself to a few of the DVDs.

Out of this, “Stealing from a Salesperson’s Desk” was born. We decided that turnabout was fair play, and if he wanted to rob us, we’d return the favor!

So, for several years, we’ve gone upstairs and stolen random shit from salespeople’s desks, which is every Tuesday, thanks to our good friends at Sunshine Floral!

There have been SEVERAL other games and whatnot that have all come from spite.

Which I absolutely love. And to no surprise, I love this story about a couple of neighbors who are having a property dispute. And since they can’t come to some sort of agreement, it’s turned into a 250′ wall of manure!

Can’t fault the guy. It’s his property & he’s entitled to put the poo anywhere he pleases. I’m sure he’s got PLENTY more cow turds for the fields.

Dude might need to hire the Poopsmith to come by & help move that wall of shit!

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