Would you buy a haunted house?

A few weeks ago, the wife & I watched a new Travel Channel “Shock Doc” dealing with the Amityville house.

We had already watched & enjoyed the one about Ed & Lorraine Warren, so we decided to give this one a try.

It was okay, but there were several things about it that I had issue with.

  1. If George Lutz really woke up at 3:15am one morning, completely immobile, with his wife “floating” in the air next to him and the kids’ beds banging against the floor above their bedroom, why didn’t he run up there right after & see if they were okay? Instead, he just went back to sleep & woke up the next morning and made breakfast? Seems kinda iffy to me.
  2. Why isn’t there more footage of the Warrens searching the house and the red room in the basement? They made one, brief mention of the room early in the documentary, but never came back to it.
  3. If the house is so scary and haunted, why hasn’t anything happened since the 1980’s?

I enjoyed the documentary, but it did leave a lot of unanswered questions and holes in the story.

Do I think the house is haunted? No. Do I think the Lutz family experienced something in the house? Yes.

I think they found out about the murders in the house and that knowledge played tricks with their minds.

But, I do believe that a house can be haunted. Not necessarily ghosts or specters or demons or whatever. But I think a lingering feeling or emotion, especially something violent, can affect how you feel about living somewhere.

How could it not?

According to a recent survey, 38% of people say they’ve actually decided NOT to buy a house because of a superstition.

The most common reasons:

  1. Something bad happened in the house
  2. I felt “bad vibes” inside the house
  3. It had an unlucky address
  4. It was on a street with an unlucky name
  5. It was an unlucky time of the year
  6. The layout of the home had bad feng shui
  7. The house was too close to a cemetery

Gotta be honest, after seeing Poltergeist, I definitely don’t wanna live near a cemetery, either.

I could definitely see myself opting out of buying a home if something violent happened inside the house. Especially multiple murders.

What about you? Would you buy a “haunted house”???

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