Could you go without a screen of any kind for 24 hours?

This feels like the easiest $2,400 you could ever make.

The website tests & reviews home products & services, and they want to pay you a bunch of loot if you can go without any kind of screen or technology for a full 24 hours.

Seems easy, right?

No browsing Facebook or uploading pics to the ‘Gram. No Netflix, no Snaps or viral TikTok videos. None of it. No Alexa, no PS5, but you can still use your microwave!

Even though I usually spend a good 14-15 hours a day looking at a combination of my laptop, phone & TV, I could EASILY set them all down for a full day to score some quick loot.

They’ll also give you a couple hundred bucks to buy stuff to keep you occupied for the day, like board games & sex toys.

Just me?

They’re taking applications for the lucky winner through this week & they’ll announce the winner next Monday.

Find all the info & apply HERE.

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