Get out of Zoom meetings!

Zoom meetings.

Am I right?

I hate meetings in general. Most of them could just be an email.

And Zoom meetings are getting really old and really annoying.

If you feel like I do and are looking for the occasional opt-out for an upcoming snooze-fest disguised as something important, Zoom Escaper is here for you!

It’s a free service that allows you to sabotage your Zoom meeting with a variety of different annoying sounds like a crying baby, barking dogs, construction, and several others.

Obviously, if your employer KNOWS you don’t have kids(like me), then the crying baby option probably won’t work.

But, barking dogs, construction sounds, and the really sneaky “bad connection” seem to be viable options to get out of a boring-ass Zoom meeting.

Here’s a tutorial on Zoom Escaper:

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