Show me your clam.

Clams are delicious.

I grew up in New England, and clam chowder(or chowdah) was a staple of our diet.

Not to mention all the visits to the Lobster Boat restaurant in Merrimack, NH where I’d usually have a fisherman’s platter, which came with clam strips, baby shrimp, haddock, bay scallops and onion rings.

I’m drooling just thinking about it.

And whenever my wife & I go back to the East coast to visit friends and family, we eat fresh, New England seafood almost exclusively.

But my wife had to learn a lesson about clams the hard way on our first trip out there several years ago.

She mistakenly ordered the “fried whole belly clams” which is NOT something you probably wanna try on your first go-round with fresh seafood.

Needless to say, I ended up eating most of her meal and she ate most of mine.

But most people out here don’t know that clams aren’t just those chewy bits in the chowder. Sorta like this woman. Who had an absolutely STELLAR reaction to seeing a clam open up for the first time in her life.

FYI, there’s some NSFW language in the video and the good stuff starts at about :34

And yes, that’s his foot. Clams use that tongue/foot thing to move around, if you were unaware

The next time you bite into a rubbery piece of clam in your Campbell’s and feel the tiniest little crunch, it’s probably just a piece of sand that never got cleaned off that clam before it went into the chowdah!

And whatever you do, DON’T order whole-belly clams on your virgin trip to a seafood restaurant in New England! It’s not for rookies.

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