This list is TRASH.

I don’t know who TJ Francis is, but he OBVIOUSLY knows nothing about television or comedy.

Dude attempted to put together a list of the “Funniest TV Characters of All Time” and failed miserably.

The only entry on the list that I’d even think about putting on my list of the “Funniest TV Characters of All Time” is Mac from “Sunny”.

And while Mac is funny, he’s not even the funniest character on that show. Anybody who’s seen at least four episodes of “Sunny” knows the funniest character is Charlie.

Hands down.

The rest of his list consists of Ty Burrell from “Modern Family”, Ben Schwartz, who played Jean Ralphio from “Parks & Rec”, J.B. Smoove who plays Leon on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, someone named Chris Lilley who’s on a show called “Summer Heights High” and Nick Swardson from “Reno 911” as Terry Bernadino.

Straight up trash.

I legit had to Google “Summer Heights High”. Seriously, dude. You should never talk about the “Funniest TV Characters of All Time” again.

Not a single character from “The Office” or “Seinfeld” or “The Simpsons” or “Cheers” or “I Love Lucy” or “South Park”.

Shame on you, TJ Francis. Shame on you.

Now….if I were to make a list of the “Funniest TV Characters of All Time”, I’d start with Rose from “Golden Girls”.

Betty White is a goddamn living legend and her portrayal of Rose Nylund was absolutely HILARIOUS.

Number four on my list would be Al Bundy from “Married With Children”, played by the great Ed O’Neil.

Number three on my list would be Eric Cartman from “South Park”.

Number two on my list would be Cosmo. Cosmo Kramer. Played by Michael Richards on “Seinfeld”.

And number one on my list is a gal who I never really watched. But I know how important it is to show some respect to your elders. And Lucille Ball deserves her respect.

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