New Music in 2021!

People last year complained heavily about how “There’s no new music gahhh!” “Enough covers already!” “Is that really the video they’re going with for this song?” “That song is…..yikes….”

People in that instance was me yelling at the internet while trying to find a song that wasn’t super sad or a song that sounded like they phoned it in from well over 6 feet away. But that was last year, the past, let’s not dwell in the past. 2021 we already got some really cool music and I’m stoked to see what else we get! Here’s a few personal faves.

Can’t go wrong with Foo Fighters! Give me a loud guitar and Dave Grohl yelling at me and I’m sold. Also, Dave man, hit me up! I can say with certainty we’d be buds!

These friggin guys! Ever since I heard “Stardust” many years ago I knew Gemini Syndrome would be awesome, and if this song is any indication for the rest of the album I’m not wrong. I love not being wrong.

I know what you’re about to say and I don’t wanna hear it. I know this song came out in 2020. I know I talked about it when it came out. But we didn’t get a new album last year from them so I’m putting it here now. If you complain about getting any form of Gojira ever you’re lost.

I can’t believe this band isn’t bigger. The freaking rock and you need to listen to them! This came out last week and I can’t wait to crank this whole album up in my truck.

Here’s to hoping for more kickass music in ’21!

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