What’s a life hack that you actually use?

There’s a MILLION life hacks out there.

From the spaghetti in an Pringle’s can to the keys in a suntan lotion bottle.

All you have to do is Google “life hacks” and a ton of lists & YouTube links pop up.

And sure, they all look cool…and you probably say “why didn’t I think of that????” or “That’s cool. I’m gonna try it!!!!”

But do ya? Maybe once? Twice?

Then it’s just an extra, unnecessary step that you really don’t care all that much about.

But is there one or two life hacks that you actually embraced & use all the time?

I can’t say we have one in this house, but I do like to use office clips at home behind the TV to keep the various wires from turning into a tangled mess. Especially now that we have a cat & he enjoys playing back there.

Other than that, I can’t recall any other “life hacks” that I’ve seen on a list that we use on a regular basis.

What about you?

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