Almost bought a pair of New Balance

Yup. New Balance. ALMOST…. and then again, I still might. BUT, the shoes that I want are actually, a totally badass pair of New Balance.

Three small problems though. We’ll get back to that in a second. I just need you to know, that I may be on the wrong side of 40… and that, yes. I am indeed a Dad… BUT.

There is no way in hell that I would EVER wear a pair of these:

the classic NB
the classic NB

Not even to mow the lawn. Which is apparently what you’re supposed to do with them (in black socks, pulled up to your knees)

I have also heard you get super-old-man-points if you wear a visor, and a stained undershirt whilst doing it, but I can not confirm that.

The NB’s that I want, ARE THESE:

New Balance 696
glorious, aren’t they?

Back to the three problems. 1: They are $147. 2: They don’t have my size. 3: They are $147

for shoes.

I’m sorry. But I am NOT paying $147 for a pair of shoes. That ain’t happening. As cool as these New Balance Kicks are, I can’t justify spending $147 even if I could find the right size.

New New Balance Dad Shoes Meme Memes | White Memes, Blue Jeans Memes

I’m not cheap. I’m frugal. And in case you were wondering, yes there is a difference

AND, I will, never. Ever. Wear anything like THIS.

Those red, white, and blue beauties’, tho? When I win the Mega Millions? They WILL be mine.

Yessir. They WILL be mine. And they will never see a blade of grass.


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