Pints With Puck : Avalanche Amber Ale

Amber Ale, is not my first pick. In fact, I’ve never had this one before (*gasp) I’ve had pretty much every other Beer from Breckenridge but for some reason, this is the fist time I got the Avalanche.

There is nothing wrong with amber ales, mind you… I just usually go for different brew styles. That may be changing. This stuff is delicious!


Breckenridge Brewery Avalanche Amber Ale

Light, crisp, malty, drinkable… and at only 5%? What’s not to love abut this beer? This is one of those beers that has mass appeal, no matter what style you prefer. It’s one that will make you say: “Damn. That’s GOOD” after the first sip… and after your 3rd bottle.

(I’m almost done with my third now) Shut up. It’s afternoon. And I’m working at home. Don’t judge me. You would do it too, if you could.

There’s really not much else to say here. This is a great Amber Ale. Just go buy some, and ride the Avalanche right into Flavortown. Crap. Now I owe Guy Fieri a dollar.


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