Rollercoaster Weekend Feels Too Normal

To say The Wife and I have had some crazy weekends during our relationship is one of the most understated things you could say, especially in 2020. So let’s look at another one, please play this album while reading, it’ll add that extra flair you deserve.

We started the weekend with high hopes of cleaning the yard, getting a new bed frame, which when you go to a store is just called a bed and the mattress is something else which I still don’t understand but whatevs, get the pool fully winterized and find a home for the discarded deck boards. Simple stuff really.

Well Friday night came and we both decided that all that to do list stuff is for Future Decker and Future The Wife to take care of. Those guys are dicks anyways so screw em! Good thing the Father in Law, Brother in Law and Sister in Law all showed up to help with the old boards! I left to do some work and came back and all the work was done! Woo!

Gave them all a case a beer and off they went!

A Busch Light drinker converted, you’re welcome Miller now pay me!

We then tackled the pool winterizing project which was a trip. I mean look at this picture, I’m pretty sure my camera was on drugs.

No dude YOU’RE freaking out…

Well we got it done and not a second too soon! Literally as soon as we got done the first snowflakes started to fly!

Then suddenly this.

So we were riding the “we accomplished a lot of stuff today’ high and got ready to do our least favorite of all the chores….laundry. Seriously is there anything worse than laundry? There isn’t. Unless of course your washer and toilet both back up at the same time and flood your basement! Which if you inferred that was what happened to our basement you would be correct. Sorry no picture of the actual flood, we were a little pissed at the time but Garrett came out and saved the day!

So needless to say I needed a beer after this crazy Saturday. I went to the beer store, no free plugs in my blog unless you fix my basement, and got myself some very refreshing Hacker-Pschorr Weizen beer!

So it was another rollercoaster of a weekend at Decker’s house and I just want to say it was exhausting. I need a weekend to recover from my weekends man, I need to work that into my next contract.

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