What the hell happened to me? Soap? Really?

I mean seriously. I get it, things that excite you may change over the years, but c’mon man. SOAP?

This never mattered before. Soap was soap. Zest. Coast. Ivory. Kirk’s Castle Soap… or if you were feeling fancy, maybe a bar of Lever 2000

But now, NONE of those will do. OK, most of you know I’m chea…. FRUGAL. Although spending a ridiculous amount of money on fricking SOAP may still seem stupid to me, I also have to admit… nice soap really excites me. Not that way, you heathen.

We actually left the house and got dinner… IN A RESTAURANT. And we went to A BAR. You know, things that people normally used to do. Thankfully for us, there was practically nobody at either place.

The restaurant had very nice smelling hand soap. Elegant. Awesome. It made me very happy. And it didn’t smell like really cheap vodka. I get it, sanitizer was short for a long time, but cripes… add some fragrance.

The bar. HAD THIS:

A sweet slice of heaven-on-earth. If you have ever been in a bathroom and asked yourself: “why is there SEASONING in the shi**er?” well then. First. Get some culture. Second? Slather that stuff all over and experience a clean like you’ve never imagined.

Salt Rubs & Scrubs are the absolute pinnacle of hand washing. My passion for them on a night out, nearly outweighs my love for a quality Crock Pot. I like them more than my cargo shorts. Better than my slip-on shoes. More than I like arguing with the GPS.

It’s not soap. This is better than soap. And I’m not afraid to admit that I love it. There is some concern though. Just a few years ago, I would’ve been fine with that weird powdered stuff from the high school lavatory. Better yet? The orange-sandpaper-scrub-off-all-every-layer-of-skin stuff called GOOP.

Regrettably, I admit that I am now officially Excited By Nice Soap Years Old. Well, that and the fact that me and the wife just talked about maybe we should get one of ‘dem new air fryer thingamajobbs. You know… for wings and stuff.

#@$%. I’m old. But at least I’m clean. And I smell nice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look up DIY recipes so I can make it at home instead of paying $20 for a 5 oz. can of the stuff…..


Puck is right. That stuff is fab. Oh, and yeah, if you could be around other humans, you’d agree. He DOES smell nice. Check out Puck LIVE (from his daughters bedroom) during the pandemic from 10:00-2:00 weekdays. Listen Here


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