The top goals people set for themselves during the pandemic.

I don’t remember saying to myself back in March, “Here’s what I want to accomplish during the pandemic”, but I do remember having a few ideas of some things I was hoping to do.

And I’ve done just about none of them.

Mostly because I’m lazy.

But back in March when this whole thing really got serious, I decided I was going to do my best to spend as much money as I could at smaller, local businesses. Not that I didn’t already do that, but I was going to be more focused on that task.

Getting take-out, growlers-to-go, paying it forward at a number of places. The wife & I were lucky enough to both keep working throughout this whole thing, so I figured I should do my best to help, especially in the service industry.

I also tossed around the idea of learning a new skill, like playing guitar, or a new language, or meditation….but I didn’t do shit. Again, because I’m lazy.

According to a recent survey, here’s the top goals people set for themselves during the pandemic:

  1. Eat healthier & follow a diet.
  2. Work out or exercise more.
  3. Have a more positive attitude.
  4. Learn something new everyday.
  5. Talk to a friend or loved one each day.
  6. Read more.
  7. Practice meditation or mindfulness.
  8. Learn a new hobby.

There’s still time left to accomplish these goals, even after this whole pandemic is over. But for now, I’m happy to just veg-out on the couch & watch horror movies.

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